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Baisvik Disk Cleaner Free 1.2

This utility locates and removes unnecessary junk files from your system
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Baisvik Disk Cleaner Free is a utility that locates and removes unnecessary junk files from your system, recovering precious disk space. The program is very lightweight and it installs in seconds on your Windows system, and it offers three scan methods that analyze your system and show you a scanning report when done.

This tool is free, but the installation process changes your Internet Explorer's homepage to Baisvik's search engine. Anyway, you can change it back later without problem.

The program’s three scanning methods are called fast, standard, and full. Fast scan just looks for temporary files from your browsers and Windows system. The second method, standard scan, is a more complex process that allows you to select the categories to be analyzed by the program. You can select among several popular Internet browsers, log files of applications, temporary files of media players, MS Office temporary Internet files, and many others. Finally, the full scan method allows you to select the drives to be analyzed, the same categories of the standard scan, plus some predefined file masks. Those masks include dump files, installation log files, Symantec backup files, thumbnail files, and others.

All three scan methods analyze your system according to how you configured them, and will offer a results report when finished. You can then choose if you really want to remove the junk files found or not. The duration of the scanning process will depend on the method and the configuration selected and on your system’s performance. As of my testing, the fast scanning method took just a couple of minutes on a Core I5 with 3 GB of RAM memory.

Unfortunately, I must mention that many categories and file masks have been disabled. Whenever you try to select any of them, you will receive a message window encouraging you to upgrade to the commercial version of the program, which has many extra scanning categories and a tag price of $29.95.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Offers you three practical scanning methods
  • Offers you a variety of categories and file masks
  • Allows you to remove or leave the junk files found


  • Includes many categories and file masks that have been disabled for the free version
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